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The Month of October Theme: "Let's Beat Breast Cancer"

Let's Beat Breast Cancer

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4 - week series
Date:  Tuesdays, October 19,  2021 -Nov 8, 2021
Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM EST
Cost: $45.00
(15% off expires Oct 17th Code: LBBC)
Purchase includes
1. Free E-Cookbook
2. Rainbow Chart
3. Let's Beat Breast Cancer Pledge
4. Access to the Zoom Platform
5. Cooking Demonstrations
6. Wellness Videos
7. Community Support

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June 10th, 6:30PM - 8:00 PM

Recipes: Broccoli Salad

Tofu Scramble and Mexican Kale and Blue Corn Salad

Chia Pumpkin Pudding

This will be the last class for the month.  Starting July Thursday, July 8, 2021, starts a new 5-week cooking class with new materials and recipes.   

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Meeting is Canceled for June 3rd.

Sorry we had to cancel our weekly session.  We will resume next week, same time and Zoom Link.


Zoom Class 5/13/21, Thur., 6:30 PM

Lentil Cucumber Salad and Recipes from Publix(Zucchini Squash, Apple Crisp, Asian Style Cauliflower Taco, and Yuca).   Are you interested in a cook-along, if some let us get started using the Food for Life 21 Day Start App. or selected recipes. 

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 Thurs. May 6th our new time 6:30 PM est

Recipes for tonight will be Huevos Rancheros and Yes You Can Chili in honor of the Cinco de Mayo Holiday.
>Review Kickstart App and Online Services

Goals and Objectives>Pledge>Share>Support
>Discussion and Close
Free Online Program, Google and iPhone App (

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CLASSES STARTS Thurs., April 1st-22nd  3:30-5:00PM   4-week courses

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Description and Dates:
Thursday, April 1st:     Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Immune-Boosting Foods
Thursday, April 8th:    Foods and Mood
Thursday, April 15th    Breaking the Food Seduction
Thursday, April 22nd: Keys for Natural Appetite Control

Get a chance to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card after registration and end of the first class
Live and Recorded Cooking Demonstrations
Discussions and Class Review
Videos and Surveys
Please Come for a fun time and learn more about Vegan Cooking

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Recipes and Information for CLASS WEEK 3

Introduction How Foods Fight Diabetes
The road to diabetes does not have to be a one-way street.  There is a reason for hope!  Plant-based meals are less likely to ever develop diabetes, and for those who have diabetes, plant-based meals can help improve blood sugar levels and prevent complications. 

Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal Link/PCRM website.

Pasta with Lentil Marinara Sauce-Cherry Tomato and Brown Rice Salad with Artichoke Hearts-Berry Mouse Click Here

Diet and Diabetes: Recipes for Success Click here for Info

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The Cancer Survivor's Guide Book Preview

Located on is the book preview.  There will be an estimated 100 pages to review.  Click here for the preview and you can purchase this book on the website used or new, or check your local library.

or you can copy and paste the information below:

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Eric O’Grey is a rockstar vegan, but he recently contracted the coronavirus. He has recovered and today he joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to discuss his experience with COVID-19.  Click on read more 36 minutes video.

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4/22/21 Sharing and Discussion

In order for me to get credit for this class, we ask you to complete the survey

Click Here to Complete the Survey. Thank You.

Recipes and Handouts for 4/22/21

Yuca Mash with Corn and Peas
Jerk Lentils, Corn Bread, and Papaya Salad 
One Week Meal 
 Grocery List and Meal Plan Sheet

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Thurs. 04/29/21 Class New Time is 6:30 PM

Sometimes we have so much information.  Today we are reviewing the meal plan I handed out last week and how we can implement it into our lifestyle. Go to 04/22/2021 Meal Plan and all recipes on the click on

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Thurs., 5/20/21

Day 20 of the 21-DAY KICKSTART BOOK: Thinking About Your Love Ones
For the next 3 to 4 weeks, we are going to review the 21-DAY KICKSTART BOOK, Dr. Neal Barnard, MD.  Recipes from day 1: Fettucine and Grill Asparagus and Blue Corn Chip Salad.

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